Pregnancy, childbirth, & the postpartum period is a beautiful,
intimate time in life.


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At Birch Family Birth Services, we support women & their families through this time to ensure that you are informed and well prepared for labor, birth, and beyond. Our goal is to help you feel empowered and respected by providing personally tailored, unbiased support.

You deserve a better beginning.

At Birch, we want you to be well prepared for birth.


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To that end, we offer several classes & services to support you during pregnancy. You may choose one of our Birth, Baby Care, or Postpartum Preparation Classes or our Car Seat Safety Education to get you and your family ready for your new arrival. Attend Prenatal Yoga or our other fitness classes to relax, restore, & ready your body for birth.


Birth is a transformational experience, and we want to be by your side.


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Our birth doulas offer 24/7 Labor Support to assist during your birth. We're equipped to provide a variety of Placenta Preparation services, which can aid in your postpartum recovery, and our Photography Services can help capture the raw beauty of your labor, as well as the moment when you first meet your baby.