Postpartum Restore Your Core - 3 Week Series

Postpartum Restore Your Core - 3 Week Series

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Recently had a baby? Cleared to exercise and wondering where to start? Start from the inside out, restore alignment and the core foundation before jumping back into fitness. Whether you just had a baby 6 weeks ago or it's been a few years, this 6 week program teaches simple effective strategies and exercises that will serve as the foundation for all function and fitness. You will be stronger and more efficient in everything you do when you take the time to restore inner core and pelvic floor strength/function first.

Safe and effective for all levels postpartum, post c-section, and diastasis recti. Also includes access to a 3 week online calendar with short (5-20 min) videos to stream at home. Must be cleared by midwife or doctor to exercise.

Newborns welcome in class with mom. Please bring a comfortable mat (loaner mats available) and dress in loose clothing.

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