Body for Concpetion

Body for Concpetion


Body For Conception is a 5-week group program that focuses on nourishing your body, mind & soul to boost fertility and prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. Each week we will discuss a different aspect of health and how it relates to fertility. You will set goals and
intentions for every week to build healthy, long lasting habits. We’ll look at your calendar to identify your struggles with time and value conflicts and work on solutions and building your support network. Included are plenty of handouts, forms and a seasonal detox that will
help you guide through the program. This group experience offers support and accountability and empowers you to make the changes necessary to become your healthiest you.

Whether you have been struggling to conceive, experienced miscarriage, are undergoing fertility treatment or simply want to get your body in the best shape before pregnancy, this program is for you! Give your body the right tools so you will grow a healthy baby and enjoy a smooth pregnancy.

Week 1: Understanding your menstrual cycle
Week 2: Blood sugar, stress and thyroid
Week 3: Liver and gut health
Week 4: Nutrition for fertility
Week 5: Exercise & Mindset

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