Heather Bruhn Doula Thousand Oaks

Heather Bruhn

Heather is the founder of Birch Family Birth Services and has had a passion for serving women and children for as long as she can remember. While maintaining a career in business operations, she began to make the transition into doula work after the birth of her second child in 2014 when she realized how little non-judgmental support there is for new mothers today. She believes that birth isn't at all what is portrayed in the media. Rather, it is an intimate, transformative process that not only results in the birth of a baby, it results in the birth of a family as well.

Heather is certified through DONA International as a birth doula. She is also certified through StillBirthday as a birth and bereavement doula, supporting families in her community through miscarriages and stillbirths. Heather lives in Moorpark with her husband and two young children.

Kaitlin Coghill Doula Ventura

Kaitlin Coghill

Kaitlin Coghill is an advocate for intuitive motherhood as a peaceful and satisfying birth and parenting method, as well as an advocate for the building of metaphorical "villages" around the birth of a child. Her doula services and classes focus on educating and empowering women in such a way that they come to realize they already know how to give birth, mother their children and care for their families as a whole - but they must first learn to trust themselves and acknowledge their innate wisdom. Whatever a client knows her birth and postpartum preferences to be, Kaitlin will support and guide her on her journey in a completely loving and unbiased way because she believes that all birth is natural, and all birth is sacred.

Kaitlin received her postpartum doula and childbirth education certifications through CAPPA, and is currently working toward certification as a birth and bereavement doula through StillBirthday. She lives in Ventura with her husband and two daughters.

Darcy Wronkiewicz

A great deal of how Darcy practices is informed by her experiences as a mother of three amazing children. She was incredibly blessed with amazing care providers, labor support, and breastfeeding support. This care helped her to become a competent, confident parent as well as to know where to turn when she needed extra support. Darcy knew she wanted to provide that same support to other families. In 2009 she began formally serving families as a doula and lactation counselor and then continued her studies in lactation and birth and in 2015 she took the board exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Today Darcy continues her education through formal classes, workshops, reading excellent books on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and related topics, and exchanging ideas with other birth and breastfeeding professionals. However, her most profound learning has come from the families she has served and the many mothers who have shared their birth and breastfeeding experiences with her.

Darcy lives in Ventura with her husband and three children. When she is not serving families she can be found at home fiddling in the garden or (more likely) folding laundry.

Alice Clark

Alice Clark Lacation Consultant Simi Valley

Alice Clark, IBCLC, RLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She was first certified in 2011 and recertified in 2016. She lives in Simi Valley with her husband, two daughters and a growing assortment of animals. Alice is originally from England and has called California home since 1999. In her spare time she enjoys working on home improvement projects.

Breastfeeding became her passion after the birth of her first child in 2009. She struggled with many breastfeeding challenges that were overcome with the help of a fantastic lactation consultant who believed in her and supported her in her goals. Because of this experience, a newfound passion and desire to support other mothers developed. Alice has helped hundreds of mothers both in the hospital and private practice settings for the past five years. She is a big proponent of judgment free support to help you and your baby achieve your breastfeeding goals


Tara Schields postpartum doula moorpark thousand oaks

Tara Schields

Long before Tara became a mother of four, she was a devoted and trusted nanny to many families. After starting her own family, she continued to work as a part time nanny, gaining over 20 years of newborn care experience. This lifelong love of newborns naturally led her to focus on a career in postpartum doula care in 2015. Her years as a hands-on Mom, experienced nanny, and as an active member of several Mom Groups in her community have provided a wealth of valuable knowledge. To say Tara loves children, parenting and helping families is an understatement. Simply put: postpartum work is Tara’s calling. Tara has found real purpose working alongside mothers, fathers and their newborns, minimizing their stress and making the early days with their new baby a beautiful time for everyone in the family, whether the family is welcoming their first child or fifteenth child.

Tara has trained with DONA International as a postpartum doula as well as with ABC Doula Services in their multiples (twins, triplets and more) training programs. With 1800 hours and counting of postpartum doula care completed, she continues to further her education, enrolling several times a year in training events pertinent to the care of postpartum moms and newborns.

As a doula and as a person, Tara is trustworthy, calm, down-to-earth, compassionate and reliable. Families feel at ease with her because she is a natural caregiver who is supportive and attentive to the individual needs of each family. She constantly strives to maintain professional boundaries, including the respect of each family’s parenting styles and parental decisions.

Tara’s commitment to the families she works with is apparent not just in her attitude, but also in her flexibility. She is available to help families with 24/7 care in addition to overnight care.

Tricia Hayes

Tricia Hayes Placenta Encapsulator Thousand Oaks

Tricia is a placenta enthusiast! Her interest in the placenta and it’s important role in postpartum recovery began in 2009 when she was pregnant with her second child. After researching the benefits of placenta capsules, Tricia decided to have a professional encapsulate her placenta. She was so shocked at how amazing she felt during her postpartum that she began talking about it with other women.  

When Tricia told people about her experience, almost every woman she spoke with had never heard of the benefits of consuming her own placenta. Many of them told her of their experiences with baby blues, fatigue, and lack of milk supply and that they wished they had known about placenta encapsulation.

Tricia feels very strongly that women should have information about all of their options regarding all aspects of their birth experience, so they can make educated decisions that are right for them and their family. It was this lack of awareness regarding placenta encapsulation combined with her personal recovery experience that drove her to become a placenta encapsulation specialist. Tricia trained and certified with PlacentaBenefits.info and has been encapsulating placentas since 2010. She feels very fortunate that she was able to benefit from two of her own placentas and feels passionate about educating all women of their choice to reap the benefits of their placenta.

When she is not encapsulating, Tricia enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons, 19, 8 and 2. 

Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson, IBCLC, RLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who recently relocated to California from Atlanta, Georgia.

Meghan Johnson IBCLC Camarillo

Her own personal philosophy is that breastfeeding is a communal, yet lost art. Many women know the benefits and theory behind breastfeeding, but have no practice or knowledge on how it is actually carried out. She was one of those moms!

With her first child, she did not have any support with nursing. and didn’t even know that breastfeeding support existed. Meghan had struggle after struggle and quickly became frustrated with the experience. Not long afterwards, she found myself holding another positive pregnancy test. Her first thoughts were joyful and exciting, then she thought of breastfeeding. Because she was determined to meet her goals this time around, she sought out books, classes and support groups, and discovered the valuable resource of the IBCLC and a lactation consultant. Because of this experience that left her feeling empowered, she sought out lactation training and became a board certified IBCLC in 2013.

Meghan wants to leave each mother feeling empowered and confident in her decision to feed her child the way she wants to, despite some negative influences in our culture. As a lactation consultant, it is not her goal to sell you on breastfeeding. Her mission is to make sure you feel supported and cared for with whatever feeding method you choose, meeting your own personal goal, whatever that might be.

She is happily and joyfully married with two sons and two step sons.

Kristen Sanders

Kristen Sanders Car Seat Technician Thousand Oaks

Kristen Sanders has been active with child passenger safety and advocacy for the last eight years. Two years ago, she started her own business and became nationally certified through SafeKids World Wide. She holds a CPST certification and has also been trained to serve children with special needs. She offers comprehensive car seat check appointments, hosts safety seminars/workshops and volunteers her time with SafetyBeltSafeUSA to help educate the public about the importance of child passenger safety. She has two boys of her own at home and is also working towards becoming a certified herbalist.

Jessica Chapman

Jessica Chapman childbirth classes westlake village

Jessica has been called to birth work for as long as she can remember, although her path hasn’t always been so straightforward or clear. Like all journeys worth taking, there have been many twists, turns, and challenges lead her to the place she is today. Prior to birth work, Jessica was employed as the Microbiologist for a large winery in Sonoma County, until an opportunity to work as a Neuroscience Consultant for a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company appeared. Working in Corporate America for nearly a decade taught her valuable lessons she is able to apply to her own business: a personal understanding of the journey and obstacles a new mother must face upon re-entering the work environment, the ability to lead and facilitate dynamic workshops in front of both small and large audiences, and a tremendously thick skin. Jessica has had three very unique birth experiences. She believes each birth is transformative, and has its own learning opportunities. Along her journey, she has learned this: No matter what we plan, there is only so much in our control, a woman/mother cannot be defined by her birthplace or outcome, and we all need a village filled with compassionate individuals in our darkest of moments. Education, Training and Credentials: Birthing From Within Advanced Doula and Mentor

Katie Collins

Katie Collins Birth Doula Simi Valley

Katie is a birth doula who believes it is important for expectant mothers to know and understand the many choices they have in giving birth. During pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period she aims to empower every mother with the ability to make decisions about her birth and to give every person the type of childbirth experience they want. As a doula, Katie helps educate families, provide emotional support, and physical comfort before, during, and after the birth of the baby.  Another passion of Katie’s is pre and postnatal nutrition.  She believes food has the power to nourish both physically and emotionally.  

While maintaining a career as an elementary school teacher, Katie began to pursue her passion for childbirth & postpartum after the birth of her second child. She was fortunate to have a “village” of family and friends support her throughout her pregnancies and wants to share that gift with other mothers and families.

Katie trained as a birth doula at BINI Birth in Sherman Oaks, CA and lives in Thousand Oaks with her husband and two children.